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Monday, February 16, 2009

FS2004 Antonov An-148


The latest Antonov's aircraft is now brought to flightsim ! This regional twinjet made her maiden flight in 2005 and was quickly acquired by several companies; Kras Air was the first to command 15 aircraft.
Antonov An-148 can carry 70 to 100 passengers up to 3600-5000 km (and even 8700 km in some versions) at 750-850km/h "in a comfort of a longhaul jet" (stays the official communiqué). It's brand new and a bit futuristic - in this aspect it stands apart from our main modelling stream - the Soviet Classic Series.
The model and the panel are quite simple, yet fairly detailed and extremely framerate friendly. There are some funny custom animations though, like sunshields descending on the sunny side of the plane, doors that half-close when the aircraft moves, context-dependent spoilers etc - in addition to the classical animations set concerning the control surfaces, landing gears and flaps.
The panel is based on the default MSFS logics but the multi-functional displays have been deeply reworked and enriched with some useful information (radio altitude, ground speed). Some gauges are completely new, like the universal radio set. Unlike in our latest packages, you don't have to learn cyrillic alphabet to understand the panel. All the measures are however expressed in metric system (km/h, km, m/s)

> Download An-148 (2.5Mb, Avsim.com)

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